Specializes in

Pastel & Jewel Tones
Blondes: Dimensional & Platinum
Color Corrections
Ombré & Balayage
Long Layered Haircuts
Vintage Styles

Do you love the fabulous starlets of yesteryear? Brigitte Bardot? Rita Hayworth? Betty Grable? Bettie Page? Curly Jefferson? Actually, that last one is Ally’s dog. But if those old stars inspire you, then you have that in common with Ally. She believes that vintage styling techniques are timeless, perfect for formal occasions, and all-around good. Don’t get me wrong, Ally is also amazing with ombre color, corrective color, tousled bohemian styles, clean-cut men’s styles, and bobs. Ally graduated from Glen Dow Academy of Hair Design in 2006, completed an apprentice program in 2008, and has been trained in precision cutting and Goldwell color. She wants your hair to always be you. Styling your hair each day should not be a daunting task; it should work for your lifestyle. If you are currently frustrated with your routine, Ally wants to simplify it for you. Ally has found bridal hair to be a true passion and has strived to be the person who listens to her client and provides the most beautiful, appropriate style for their wedding day. She loves to cook and bake (would probably sell out a bake sale in five minutes), go to concerts and discover new music,  watch too much TV, always needs to be laughing.