Specializes in

  • Balayage
  • Blonding
  • Babylights
  • Long to medium hair

Ally wants to create hair as dimensional as the lives of her clients, and is a visual artist, using hair as her chosen art form and medium. Ally thrives in a problem solving approach to a hair service or corrective color. She enjoys creating movement and texture for medium to long hair lengths, and cultivating functional hairstyles to suit the lifestyles of her clients. Ally found her stride in color services, working with vivid reds, and caramelly brunettes; throughout her career she has continued her hair education, making her a balayage, babylights, and blonding specialist. She believes the key to a successful hair services is creating a mutual understanding of realistic expectations with her clients through an open dialogue and clear communication. Ally loves giving her clients the knowledge and tools to achieve healthy, gorgeous hair, which includes educating her clients while they’re in the chair, on hair health, and how to get to their ultimate hair goals. Beyond the chair, Ally’s heart lies among the stars, in her deep pursuit and exploration of astrology and reading Tarot cards. Her other mediums of her artistic expression include space-age decor, and retro fashion-looking to classic 60’s and 70’s icons like Marianne from Gilligan's Island and Elvira . When she’s not busy creating far out worlds through fashion, design and hair, she enjoys backpacking throughout the Pacific Northwest with her two dogs, Curl and Snacks.