Specializes in

Curly Hair
Natural Color/ Highlights
Layered Cuts

Heather loves cheesy jokes (Where do sheep go to get their hair cut?  The baa-baa shop.). She also wants you to know that you can have beautiful hair, even if it only takes you a couple of minutes and one product.  Having a good haircut that works with your natural texture is the key to making your styling time easier, and a good shampoo is the foundation for this.  Heather’s goal is for each of her clients to be happy with the hair they were born with.  She also believes that trying out a different color shouldn’t be scary; you can always change it!  Heather graduated from Clover Park Technical College in Tacoma in 2006, and then did her apprenticeship, learning Toni & Guy cutting techniques. With Toni & Guy, Heather also took advanced training courses, for texture, in California.  Working at a L’oreal exclusive salon in Gig Harbor, Washington, Heather had lots of continuing education in L’oreal cutting and coloring techniques.  Heather loves bridal hair, men’s cuts, layered cuts, and highlights.  Heather loves to cut curly hair because her favorite thing to do is detailing and personalizing by using her skill set to add texture. Heather has lived in eleven different cities throughout California and Washington, and now loves the Portland area (camping and hiking!).  She loves healthy cooking, gardening, and spending time with family, friends, and her dog, Oliver.  Heather’s been around North and South America and Asia, and finds traveling to be a joy.  Her goal is to always fuel her love for hair by learning.  She wants to get to know her clients and make them feel confident.