Special Occasion Make-up Artist and Professional Photographer 

If Jai is doing your makeup, you're in for a wonderful experience. She will ask you a million questions about everything you want, look at all your inspiration pictures, and then give you the look that’s perfect for your special occasion. She specializes in a natural, classic beauty bridal look that will stay all day and through all the breakdancing at your reception. Jai also loves doing makeup
lessons, which is like, as one client put it, “having a makeup savvy girlfriend teaching me.” If you bring her your makeup bag, she’ll show you that smoky eye or if that contoured look is right for you. Jai got her start at MAC in the 90’s (she says, “if super dark lipliner with white frosted lipstick and no blending comes back, I’m not going quietly.”). In addition to doing makeup, she has attended
photography school, and combining those two favorite things is her dream come true. In her natural light photography studio, she gets to make women pretty and then capture it with her camera. Jai grew up on a farm in rural Oregon, and as a kid, couldn’t wait to get her hands on some lipgloss. But these days, she treasures getting away from it all and being under the trees or in wine country
with her fella, a picnic, and her camera bag. Please take a look at her
photography and makeup portfolio at loveandphotography.smugmug.com.