Are your naturally sun-bleached curls reminiscent of the sun glinting off of the ocean waves as they roll in? But do you dream about hair like that? You need to come see Serena Milne. Serena’s travels have taken her from Portland to Los Angeles to… everywhere. But this lady has assisted some of the best hairstylists
to be found—Tracy Cunningham, Byron Williams, and Dawn Tracey (look themup!) to be exact. Serena got her start in about 2007, here in Portland, at the European Institute of Cosmetology, and has had many cut and styling classes through Bumble and Bumble Education. She worked in Beverly Hills at Tracy
Cunningham’s salon, Byron and Tracy, and then at Trim in Venice, California. She specializes in blondes and ombre—achieving that sunned beach hair, and fashion colors. For cuts, she loves textured styles and curly hair. Serena makes her clients fall in love with their hair again, or for the first time. She wants to accentuate your features by helping you work with what you have. She’ll show
you how to work with your curls or highlight your unique style with a custom fashion color, making you feel like you have the look that’s been waiting to be revealed. Serena is a rare Portland native. She moved to Los Angeles and spent time traveling abroad, falling in love with the ocean and surf. She did her yoga teacher training and has a passion for most things active. Excited to be
rediscovering Portland, she has found that Mississippi Avenue has the greatest food. One of her favorite things about Portland is the endless amazing restaurants, and she looks forward to recommendations from her clients.