Specializes in

  • Curly hair

  • Short haircuts

  • Sunkissed balayage

Serena loves working with wavy and curly hair, blondes and multi dimensional hair, texture and movement. After studying at European Institute of Cosmetology, she went on to study through multiple apprenticeships with Bumble and Bumble, as well as working under Tracy Cunningham in Beverly Hills, and went on to work in Venice at a fun beachy salon, where she honed her skills in summer beach blonding and wavy styles. Serena believe that hair should be beautiful, natural, and easy. She wants to enhance the beauty that is already within your hair that you may or may not have found, and accentuate your individual style. She wants to make your hair manageable, fun, and bring out who you already are. Serena believes in the power of women empowering each other even through something so simple as chatting about their hair.  Serena was born and raised in Portland, lived in LA and traveled abroad in SE Asia and is a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s in Community Development through Portland State University. She loves learning about every person who sits in her chair-who they are and what brought them (or kept them) in this beautiful city as its growing and changing! Serena loves chatting about dreams and goals, travel and food or just giving her clients time to be quiet and relax and enjoy their salon experience.